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The Complete list of All Pakistani Newspapers & Magazines

1- pakistani newspaper daily ummatDaily Ummat 2-pakistani newspaper daily jang Daily Jang newspaper

Pakistan Most Visited English & Urdu Newspapers list

This is the age of technology and fast updates. has come up with a solution for its users using which they can get fast updates on the go regarding news, entertainment, sports, current events and much more. We have provided a collection of all major newspapers, magazines and online news sites in English and urdu! We are sure that users will be impressed to see over 80 news sources in our huge collection. You can now access all newspapers that you had to buy previously on the internet.

We live in a century where technology drives most part of our lives. To cope with this fast changing world, has come up with a solution to provide our visitors with all necessary information, including entertainment, news, sports, current affairs, and more, through our Newspapers page. Further, to make it easy for Urdu speakers and readers, we offer access to a long list of Urdu newspapers, which you would otherwise have to pay for to gain access. Our collection is inclusive of almost all available Urdu newspapers, Pakistani Urdu magazines, and more. So, wherever you are located or travel to, you can gain easy access to your favorite Urdu newspapers and magazines on any device you possess through

Almost all of us have been reading print newspapers throughout our life. With the advent of new technologies, similar to many other aspects, even newspapers were designed to be easily accessible to readers, which contributed to the increased use of online newspapers. While many famous newspapers have their own online version, it is quite hard to find Urdu newspapers online, which can be hard on those individuals who prefer reading in Urdu. This is where comes to your rescue!

The various Urdu newspapers and magazines we offer on our website update news a lot faster than regular print media. Whenever anything happens in Pakistan and other countries across the world, these newspapers make it their first priority to deliver the information to our readers within a matter of minutes. Therefore, no matter when you access the Urdu newspapers on, you can be sure of getting updated with the latest information from across the globe.

Also, the interactive elements and customization options offered by our online newspapers are plenty. With this aspect, you gain the freedom and ability to filter the news based on your preferences and interests. Additionally, you get the exclusive opportunity to analyze and share your thoughts on the stories that interest you, which can greatly empower you. Our online Urdu and English newspapers also enable you to have control over your news reading experience with the web page. The availability of chat room, feedback section, forum, and navigation tools in many of those newspaper sites will gives you a unique and comprehensive experience, completely transforming the way you read newspapers.

At we know that many of you keep traveling across the country and the world both on business as well as leisure. During such time, the only way you get to access the internet is probably via your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Keeping this in mind, we have made sure that our website is compatible for access through such devices so that you can read newspapers and magazines of your choice through our online portal. As a result, no matter where you go and what device you possess, world news, current affairs, sports news, and all other information are never too far from you, as offers everything you need to stay updated.

3- urdu newspaper 4- akhbarNawai waqat

5- jasarat akhbarJasarat 6- khabrain Daily Khabrain 7- urdu-newspapersDaily Ausaf


All other Urdu Akhbar and NewsPapers of Pakistan


urdu newspaper

8-pakistani newspapers Akhbar-e-Jehan (weekly urdu news and mirch masalaha Magazine)

9- urdu newsDaily Kawish Hyderabad (in Urdu)

10- millat urdu newspaperMillat urdu newspaper the pakistani newspaper


11- inqilab urdu newspaper Inqilab akhbar, khabrain in urdu.


12-intikhab urdu newspaper intikhab urdu newspaper.


13- daily aman newspaper Daily aman Urdu newspaper


14- asas-urdu newspaper Asas Urdu newspaper


15- mashriq newspaperDaily mashriq urdu newpapr of pakistan


16- nation Nation newspaper


17- daily dunyaDaily Dunya urdu newspaper


18- waqtwaqt newspaper from lahore


19- geo-urduGeo Urdu


20- muhasib newspaperDaily Muhasib newspaper


21- dharti newspaper dharti newspaper of pakistan


22- aj kalDaily ajkal newspaper


23- uk time londonUK Time London urdu newspaper


24- hum shehri urdu dialy newspaperHum shehri urdu dialy newspaper


25- ptv urdu news PTV


26- taleem urdu newstaleem urdu newspaper


27- daily islam urdu newspaperDaily Islam ( islamic urdu newspaper, pakistani urdu newspaper)


28- munsif urdu newspaper munsif urdu news paper pakistani urdu newspaper


29- dailypk urdu newspaper the great paksitani urdu newspaper at


30- cnn newspaper CNN Newspaper


31- urdu newspaper Urdu net akhbar


Top Pakistani Urdu Magazine

1-- akhbar-e-jaha Weekly Akhbar-e- jaha


2- family magazineWeekly Family Magazine in urdu


3- nida millat urdu  magazineNida-e-Millat urdu weekly Magazine


4- ghazi urdu magazineGhazi Urdu magazine from Ummat publication


5- takbeer urdu magazine Takbeer Urdu Magazine


6-minhaj ur quraan magazineMinhaj ur quraan urdu magazine


7- fact udu Fact Urdu (the weekly interesting magazine)


8- phool magazinePhool children urdu weekly magazine


More Pakistani English and Urdu Newspapers


1-dawn english newspaperThe Dawn the best englist newspaper of paksitani newwspapers.
Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper. Find headlines, archived articles and editorials

2-the newsThe News (Daily Newspaper)
Online presentation of several Pakistan newspapers

3-pakistan observer Pakistan Observer
Internet edition of "The International News", newspaper from Pakistan with the latest stories.,

Provides local, national, and international news.

4- Business Recorder
Pakistan's national financial daily.

5- Daily Pakistan News
Independent daily newspaper of pakistan.

6- The Daily Pakistan
providing critical reporting of national news.

7- Online Akhbar onilne newspaper which keep you up to date.

8- The Pakistani Newspaper paksitan newspaper

9- Times of Pakistan time of paksitan english newspaper.

10- The Sun International sun international

11- Pakistan News Service paksitan news service newspaper

12- Kashmir Observer Independent online newspaper with daily news and views from Pakistan and Kashmir.

13-Intime News Network intime news network newspaper

14- Daily Surathal Faisalabad the newspaper from faisalabad .

15- Daily Gujranwala Times daily gujranwala times paksitani english newspaper

16- Associated Press of Pakistan paksitani newspaper

17- Daily Balochistan Express daily balochistan express

18- Daily Dunya Quetta daily dunya quetta newspaper which is published from quetta.

19- Daily Imroz
Karachi based online newspaper covering social and cultural activities of Sindh is living in various countries.

20- kistan Today (Weekly Publication of kistan today newspaper)

21- Friday Times (Independent Weekly Paper)
Quality weekly providing critical reporting of national news.

22- Daily Times (English Lanuage Newspaper)

23- Friday Times (Features news, letter, and opinions)

24- Daily Pakistan News
Daily newspaper for print and electronic or any other format of media.

25- aj tv urdu news

26- Daily Surkhab Peshawar Pakistan Well-informed daily based in Peshawar

27-The News International
Daily Financial Post

28- Daily Ibrat Well-informed daily based in pakistani newspaper

29- Daily Khabrain khabrain and akhbar

30- Daily Permanent News the permanent news

31- Apna Pakistan apna paksitan is a online newspaper which keep you up to date.

32- Chitral Times

33-- Daily Balochistan Expres (English Language Daily from quetta balochistan .The pakistani newspaper publised from quetta.)

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